FOUND POETRY- One woman’s form of journelling.

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This has been one of my favourite things to do since I was about 15. Sitting idly in my bedroom drenched in the melodramatic tears of adolescent anguish, I discovered Found Poetry. It is essentially literary collage,  Annie Dillard has said that turning a piece of text into a poem ‘doubles its meaning’.

I like to think the meaning is deconstructed, stripped down to the skeletal expression of whatever you’d like it to be in that emotion-driven moment where actual writing seems far too cliché.

You also get to colour in. Another way I try and cling to my childhood that seems to evade me every time I consult the mirror desperately hoping that today is the day my beloved ‘my little pony’ t shirt will be appropriate. It never is because I’m 24.

This is a wonderful way to have a little go at creating a work of literary mastery, You will be surprised how clever you feel without agonizing over the metre/ rhythm etc that comes with actual poetry writing.

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